Chiller - CWS SOLO

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Climma CWS SOLO, a powerful system especially designed for yachts to ensure the perfect condition on board. Available from 60.000 up to 144.000 BTU/h with a single compressor, reverse cycle as default and cool only on demand, CWS SOLO is the best solution for yacht from 55 feet up to 30 meters.

At VECO we know how much size on board is an issue; that’s why our design is always focused on fitting powerful systems in the smallest size possible. Climma CWS SOLO systems have been designed to be the most compact solution available

Climma’s unique control system monitors and checks all the key parameters of the CWS SOLO, maximizing the performance and reliability of the system.
Both the sea water condenser and the associated sea water circuit and manifolds are made in marine-grade cupronickel for maximum resistance to sea water corrosion. The fresh water circuit is made in copper and stainless steel and the compressor is supported on anti-vibration. 

All CWS SOLO are also available with inverter drivers. Climma’s unique water cooled inverters completely remove the start current and reduce the power consumption of the CWS units by up to 30%.

Specifications :

  • Weight : 78 - 160 kg
  • Height : 506 - 630 mm
  • Width : 400 - 480 mm
  • Cool Mode : 17-35 kW

Available in :

  • UAE and GCC