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The new EVA fan coils are a major step forward in both design and performance, the result of a 25 years’ experience and knowledge in the manufacture of marine air conditioning systems. Our new EVA series overcomes the main critical issues of marine air conditioning systems: effective removal of condensate water, blower position and efficiency and reduced noise and vibration.

The new Climma ‘Dry pan’’ system ensures that all condensation water produced by the air conditioner drains away completely. To achieve this the insulated stainless steel condensate tray is deeper with an angled base ensuring all the water flows to the welded drain point. For sailing boats there are 2 further optional drain points to provide additional drains for when the boat is heeling.

All Climma fan coils are fitted with powerful blowers. The blowers are extremely quiet in operation and are fully adjustable on installation so they can be aligned correctly to the duct run, maximising efficiency of the air distribution. EVA fan coils are all fitted with Climma’s specially developed anti-vibration mounts stopping the transfer of structure borne noise and vibration from the unit.

Available in 11 sizes from 3.000 to 24.000 BTU/h capacity all with optional strip heaters for added comfort as required.

Specifications :

  • Weight : 6 - 16 kg
  • Height : 219 - 308 mm
  • Width : 322 - 651 mm
  • Cool Mode : 0.5 - 7 kW

Available in :

  • UAE and GCC