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"Genuine KOBELCO is Back!" excavators provide the three E's: Enhancement, Economy, and Environment!

The refining of each of these "E's", together with the introduction of leading-edge technology that complies with US EPA Interim Tier 4 emission standards provides our excavators with even more enhanced environmental performance and fuel efficiency, as well as unparalleled work performance.

The incredible work rate of these excavators is provided by powerful digging strength and a wide digging range. These excavators feature a Hino engine with reduced environmental impact and Kobelco's unique technology that reduces pressure-loss resistance.

Kobelco's reliable and well-tested technology has been developed over many years, making it more than capable of satisfying the various demands of
today's construction industry. Continuously creating original value, Kobelco has been able to bring technical marvels into existence through a spirit of perpetual pursuit.

Specifications :

  • Engine : 157 hp
  • Operating weight : 22,000KG
  • Bucket capacity : 0.92 - 1.22 cu.yd. SAE
  • Range : Long Reach
  • Hydraulic System : Two variable displacement pumps + 1 gear pump
  • Travel System : 2 X axial-piston, two-step motors