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Single-Bladed Rear-Loading Compactor
- The Mac 2NB is a rear-loading compactor equipped with a sealed waste container and universal rear hinged loading mouth
- It is contains a single-bladed compacting unit which moves on two exterior upper tracks and two lower piston rods, that are activated by four double-action hydraulic cylinders
- It unloads waste through an internal bulkhead; counter-pressure of the ejection bulkhead is controlled hydraulically
- The hydraulic system is managed electronically
- Bin-lifter equipment and rear-platforms are manufactured according to EU laws and regulations and standardized with all of Mazzocchia’s line of rear equipment
- The control panel in the driver’s cab is backlit, touch screen and displays different colours according to the work situation
- The hydraulic system is managed electronically
- Safety controls and devices are pursuant to Machinery Directive and to UNI EN 1501-1

Standard Equipment/ Bin Lifter types
- Bin-lifter standard attachments as per the requirements. Ranging from 120 liter-1100 liters,2.5 cbm bins,4.5 cbm bins and skips.
- Rear footboards
- Coupling with satellite vehicles

Specifications :

  • Volume of body : 20-25 mc
  • Chassis : 3 axles, medium-heavy line
  • MTT : 26 Ton

Available in :

  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Ethiopia